Peeing Comps and I Told You So!

I stand by my claim that the Labour Part is Standing up for Wales against the Tories by intentionally scuppering Welsh Laws by making them laws that will inevitably be challenged by The Secretary of State for Wales, the Counsel General almost admitted so in the Assembly yesterday!

Those who have claimed that the SoS for Wales is at fault are being naive. If the SoS doesn't challenge the laws when there are obvious doubts about them; they are open to challenge from any Tom, Dick and Harry – a challenge from the SoS that is rejected / upheld will actually strengthen the validity of any Welsh Law.

By seeing the flaw in the Official Languages Bill, David Jones MP might be doing a favour to the language (which he speaks fluently) by asking the Supreme Court to validate the bill. If validated by the Supreme Court the Bill is legally sound! If the Supreme Court says No, it will say why and a more sound bill can be passed by the Assembly based on its judgement.

On the other hand David can ignore the bill's current failings and allow any Tom, Dic and Harri to oppose it in hundreds of courts of law.

If I was a Hairy Arsed Tory Anti Welsh Monster, I would have ignored the problems that the Bill raises and would have waited for the proverbial to hit the fan.

By flagging the problems and attempting to resolve them David Jones isn't quite the "Monster" that Labour would have us believe. He is a good friend of Wales who is trying to sort out a mess in the best interest of Wales!

Of course the main problem is the pathetic Devolution settlement that Wales suffers – a settlement that many voted for enthusiastically! Last year - I tried to organise a No! Not Good Enough Campaign – but I had little support.

It appears that it wasn't good enough



  1. Alwyn, your whole premise is wrong.

    The only "problem" with the laws that the Supreme Court are investigating is whether they are within the Assembly's competence or not. There is nothing wrong with the provisions or the drafting or anything, it is purely a matter of legislative competence- nothing Tom, Dic or Harri could challenge in a common court once Royal Assent had been granted.

    They are not investigating any of the actual content of either law beyond that. If Cheryl Gillan and now David Jones had chosen not to intervene, and to allow the bills to go to Royal Assent, Tom Dic and Harri could not have challenged these laws in a court.

    As a nationalist I believe the validity or otherwise of Welsh law should be determined in our National Assembly by our elected politicians, Counsel General and Presiding Officer.

    Your hatred of the Labour party and right-leaning views seem to count for more than your support for Welsh law-making. This is sad and a problem that many non-Plaid nationalists have.

    1. My premise is perfectly sound in law. Any Tom, Dic or Harri can challenge the validity of an Assembly Measure and attempt to prove that they are not bound by a measure because it was passed out with the competence of the GoW acts; indeed such challenges would have been almost inevitable in the case of the two acts that have been called in by the Attorney General and the third one that is about to be called in - because almost every Tom, Dic and Harri was aware of the questions of competency that arose before the bills were passed. If Tom, Dic , Harri and I knew that there were competency issues before the Bills were passed then every Assembly member who voted for them knew full well that there were competency issues too.

      Of course there is a nationalist argument for extending the Assembly's powers and pushing the boundaries of Assembly competence – but only a fool would maintain that the Labour members who voted for these bills were doing so in order to make a nationalist argument!

  2. Nah Alwyn. It's all political. UK Government has today said it won't refer the Welsh bill to the Supreme Court and that the Assembly can carry on legislating. These things are political, not legalistic.

  3. Paedophiles In Power. What A Country We Live In.


  4. The way I see devolution can be summed up as follows.

    "Feed me 'til I want no more".

    It's just a shame that Labour aren't hungry.