Who are the anti-English?

According to the Scotsman, BBC reporter Andrew Marr has claimed that Anti English Feeling is Entrenched in Scotland and is the basis of the Yes campaign for Scottish independence. So much for BBC neutrality!

To many people the terms United Kingdom / Britain / England are coterminous. It is beyond their ability to accept that England isn't the UK and the UK isn't England!
The problem with Andrew Marr's comments is that he cannot distinguish between being opposed to the UKainian State and being Anti-English!

As a proud Welsh Nationalist I have no hesitation in saying that I am 100% Pro-English. I support the Yes cause in Scotland, I want Wales to be part of the family of World Nations and I want England, a nation that I love and have a huge amount of respect for, to be an Independent World Nation too!

The anti-English are the pro UKainians in the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and UKIP parties - who cannot perceive the concept That England is a Nation in its own right, rather than a by-word for Britain / the UK!

It is not the pro Welsh in Plaid, the pro Scots in the SNP or the pro Cornish in MK who are anti-English. The parties who oppose Plaid, the SNP and MK are the ones who don't want England to flourish as a nation in its own right! They are the truly anti-English.

(Photo credit and HT to https://twitter.com/SteCymru14)


  1. Didn't agree. We aren't anti-English,just anti being ruled by Westminster. The the response is always "The welsh extremists are anti-english.." it's a mania fueled by welsh benefit claimants dependent on English hand-outs, and those who cannot and won't understand the welsh language..

    Anyone who seeks home rule, is classed as an extremist, especially by those who want to retain the power. We are as good as anyone else,the problem with many in Wales is they don't believe that, and lack the confidence..

  2. Divided we stand, united ,it just gets worse and worse.

  3. We've been sold out by a selection of useless politicians following the money and trough feeding in London. A welsh assembly means they have to be accountable here,no wonder so many oppose it, especially MP's on the gravy train.