Guto and Oscar WTF?

I have followed The Thoughts of Oscar Blog, for the best part of 7 years. I'll be honest; I have rarely agreed with Oscar, I have often thought that his posts are offensive, unfair and sometimes bitter. But that is a feature of democracy. People with whom I passionately disagree are entitled to express their opinions. And the disagreement is often what makes politics vibrant and fun. I would be a hypocrite to defend much of what Oscar has said but I do defend his right to say it.

Despite the fact that I would never vote for him, I have a fair regard for my Constituency MP Guto Bebb. He seems to be a good constituency MP, in the sense that if you complain to him about the drains, he'll do something about the drains – regardless of whether he sees a vote in it or not. I have had very many internet discussions with him and a couple of "live" ones; on each and every occasion he seems well able to defend himself and his point of view with erudition.

I am bitterly disappointed by Guto's decision to take legal action against the Thought's of Oscar Blog, which is ultimately an attempt to close the blog down, because Guto has never before shown himself to be averse to defending himself on the comments pages of blog posts.

The so called "libellous" statements in Oscar's Post An Open Letter to Guto Bebb are actually minutiae – the MP HAS received donations from Russian Oligarch Alexander Temerko that locals might find suspect, whatever the reasons behind the donations!

OK. I accept Guto's defence that the Oligarch didn't pay him for supporting Israel's attack on Gaza; but why was the donation made? In support of Welsh culture, language, agriculture, local entrepreneurship or other things that affect the constituency, or for reasons that are not constituency related? Your constituents should be told not sued Guto!

Our MP HAS appeared to support the Israeli government in its campaign in Gaza, images of which have sickened many of his constituents of all political persuasions. Tell us why you support Israel, Guto. Persuade us to see the righteousness of supporting Israel rather than suing us for having the temerity to disagree with you!

I don't know what sort of reading figures Oscar has. This blog has a couple of thousand on a very, very good day! I suspect Oscar has similar. Guto can respond (as he has done eloquently in the past) to all the readership of a blog in the comments section. He has a better chance of bending the ear of a journalist than Oscar or I have, he can speak in Parliament under privilege; so why does he need to sue a blogger and try to shut him down? There is clearly something in one of Oscar's posts that has touched a very raw nerve! Suing Oscar might shut the blog down – but it may also expose that nerve!

Callia Guto!



  1. Myself and several other regulars have posted comments on Thoughts of Oscar for the best part of seven years. It is important to remember the blog's name; i.e. it literally has been the anonymous Oscar's thoughts, his view of the world around him. The world doesn't have to agree with him or disagree with him. On the whole his blog has done far more good than any real harm. His postings have sometimes been acerbic but if that's what he truly thinks, it's his blog. Most of the blog's "troll" reputation extolled by the media has stemmed from comments left by others rather than Oscar's postings, perhaps there should have been a little less freedom of speech allowed? Mr. Bebb's reaction seems rather excessive considering the possible libel content of the letter (re-published and not actually written by Oscar) seems a bit blurred. As for raising the question in Parliament that has led to a fellow Conservative Welsh MP becoming embroiled, not too many months before a General Election, this will surely not endear Mr. Bebb to the party's leadership! I've a feeling that what appears to be his very real obsession with what should have been a mild irritation on a local blog has now have been inflated to such an extent that it might well turn round and bite him!

  2. Possibly I am the reason or part of it if there is any reason other than a person or small team of people only have so much time in life to handle ever persons complaints, hence I will now post my comment and beliefs.
    I went as I saw things as a last resort to Guto Bebb as my/our MP after being destroyed by my bank, the RBS, now as a SME (small to medium enterprise) I never thought he could or would help me regain my confidence and belief.
    It has taken many years to become public knowledge the abuse of the banks, financial conduct authorities, Parliament, MPs, solicitors and many others in regards to the small businesses that were the main stream of this countries economy, however he did do something, and not just for me but for 10's of thousands of honest people and businesses being destroyed by the banks.
    So far this has resulted in £billions refunded by the banks to businesses, you and many others may not be full aware of this as the government doesn't wish for a new PPI scandal, however behind the scenes the work continues to STOP these fraudulent crooks from stealing more money from our childrens education funds, from our pension pots and the NHS.
    It takes the small people to have a voice, for good or for bad, but before an opinion is voice then the person voicing their opinion should be brave enough to stand and fight, I did, check it out on google by typing in - 'colin jones interest rate swap scandal'
    I personally have many times made a flash mistake, however the people who know me it was a mistake, but having said this I do not nor will I ever have any respect for a person or persons who hid behind anonymity, it is unfair and never democratic, we should know who is not our friend, it could be construed as a form bullying on line or even worse cowardice.
    Colin Jones Llandudno