GE2015 - a Simple Choice

A number of media commentators are claiming that the 2015 General Election is going to be one of the most complicated elections in generations. I disagree Welsh voters have a very simple choice:

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  1. What a joy to see and hear Leanne Wood in the 'big debate'. She and our Nicola putting the People back into politics.

    I read your blog on kicking the SNP's arse and I take your points on board but bear in mind that the SNP's membership has grown beyond belief since the indyref. Most of the new members are from the vast grassroots 'Yes' movement of that event and they won't just meekly sit back - they'll be pretty demanding of their party. Moreover there are many many more who haven't joined a party but have become deeply engaged with politics - even kids can tell you about the workings of the Barnett formula. So if you want something, get your people talking to our people - Scotland has more people power now than ever before in my lifetime and boy does it feel good! The SNP should always back you - the people certainly will. All the best. - Shuggy.