The Third Sector!

There is something that smells about the omnipresent "third sector" in Wales, they seem to be consulted on every issue, receive huge amounts of public money, but who they actually represent is clouded in mystery!

I have lived with Epilepsy since 1982, epilepsy is a familial condition so lots of my cousins also live with epilepsy, but as far as I know none of us are members of Epilepsy Wales, we have never been approached to join Epilepsy Wales, it is not a body that represents us. I am not criticising Epilepsy Wales, I'm sure that it does great work, I'm just saying that it isn't an organisation that I am associated with so it doesn't represent my epilepsy!

One of the things that has peeved me about S4C, since its creation, is that it's subtitling service hasn't been aimed at Welsh speaking people who are hard of hearing but at non Welsh speakers. I have complained many times to S4C about this and the response has always been that this was the recommendation of the "Welsh Council of the Deaf" – again an organisation that claims to speak for me but has never bothered to ask my opinion!

The Welsh Assembly Government LOVES these "third sector" organisations, as representatives of public opinion, but never ever questions their actual mandate! As a Deaf Epileptic Welsh Speaker I am not represented by the so-called third sector in Wales, or a Labour Government which claims that these unrepresentative organisation's opinions are sacrosanct!


  1. The third sector is a site for corporate job seekers mainly,and the bottom line is 'No experience necessary with the clients concerned' they are career job seekers and bean counters mainly ripping off charities and grabbing £100K wage packets. e,e, the RNID/OHL had Ms J Ballard, who came from a cat and dog charity, went to a deaf one, then to women's rights charity, and now is concerned with alcohol abuses, at no point was she expected to familiarise herself with the charities point or aim. The British Deaf Association has a CEO who raced motor bikes... Their first course of action is to remove member power, usually followed by sucking up to celebrities to get image and kudos.

  2. "The British Deaf Association has a CEO who raced motor bikes..."

    I can see the headlines now ....

    Against all odds, and known science, a deaf man has successfully ridden a motorbike. "He'll be turning water into wine next" exclaimed the pope.