Brit=Good / Welsh=Bad

Don Touhig MP is worried that Wales is too immersed in identity politics, a strange thing for a Labour MP to say in light of British Prime Minister, Gordon British Brown's British speech to the British Labour Party of Britain.

Even stranger when one remembers that the Labour in the Labour party is itself a badge of identity, which (albeit a long long time ago) use to identified the sort of person (a Labourer, a worker) who should support the Labour party.

In its purest non-partisan form elective politics is all about identity politics. Given a choice of three or four, totally independent candidates, the choice that an elector has to make is with which one do I, as an elector, identify, which one represents my identity!

By slaging off identity politics what Mr Touhig, is actually saying is that my Welsh Identity is less worthy than his British Identity, that the politics of his British Identity is good and that the politics of my Welsh identity is bad.


  1. Anyone who proclaims their "British" identity is deluded. Britain does not in reality exist as a nation but is a figment of the imagination. Even the flag is incorrect. What is termed "British" today is actually "English". There are a number of nations within Britain, and whichever one identifies with and to which one gives one's allegiance is one's nation and one is a citizen of it.
    Therefore Don Touhig and the rest are English as they have identified themselves with "Britain" and have rejected Wales.

  2. Get a grip Alan bach - Don Toughig isn't English, he's a Walian, and a proud South one at that. (See Alwyn's post above).

  3. god, alan is a twat!