Somewhere over a Rainbow,

OK the "One Wales" cabinet is yet to meet, we still don't know how this Plaid Labour coalition is going to pan out in government, but it seems that we already know how Labour intends to show its hand. Every single press releases during the recess has referred to the Labour WAG or the Labour lead WAG. Plaid doesn't come into the picture.

Plaid in this government isn't like the Lib Dems, the fourth party getting a bit of a shoo for making the numbers up. Plaid has made a huge sacrifice in order to support Rhodri Morgan's Government.

At best Plaid has given up the chance to be the lead party in a Rainbow coalition, with its Party leader taking up the mantel of First Minister, at worst Plaid has given up the leadership of the opposition!

Plaid needs to be treated with a lot more respect as a government partner than it has been treated so far.

Plaid's support for Red-Green was just touch and go to start with - it wont take much pressure for those of us who knew that the Labour Party would take advantage to tip the balance that ends the coalition!

Labour, and to a certain extent the current Plaid leadership, have between next week's Plaid Conference and next years Plaid Conference to show what Wales and Plaid can get out of this unequal marriage, otherwise the party membership will ensure that a coalition that hasn't given full respect to the Plaid side of the partnership will come to an abrupt end.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby

That land may yet be Wales!

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  1. well plaid did cut Rhoders out of the rugby photo didnt they