Fast trains and faster trains

On Monday last week a new fast train service between north and south Wales was launched, taking just under 4 hours to travel from Holyhead to Cardiff (180 miles for crows) - brilliant (or it would be brilliant if the service hadn't failed the day after its launch).

Yesterday the SNP announced* support for a fast train service from Glasgow to London (414 miles) that would take just two and a half hours!

If the same type of train was used to link north and south Wales as is being mooted to link Glasgow and London (335 mph top speed) it would take less than three quarters of an hour to go between Cardiff and Holyhead nonstop - that would be fast!

*HT Jeff @ SNP-TV


  1. Of course, the intermediate stops are where a lot of the passengers are...

  2. Just one question Alwyn - given the location of the Cambrian Mountains, where would you put this rail line?

  3. The point is that very few people from North Wales want to go to Cardiff, assembly politicians and civil servants being the exception. Not surprising, it's a bloody awful city.

  4. Rwyf innau hefyd yn methu â deall pam fod cymaint o bobl yn gweld cymaint o angen am 'gysylltiadau' de-gogledd (sydd fel arfer yn golygu adeiladu heolydd hyll). Mae adfer y cysylltiadau trên yn syniad tipyn yn well, ond nid Caerdydd-Caergybi ddylai'r nod fod, ond - os rhywbeth - hwyluso gwell symud a chyfathrebu rhwng trefi unigol yng nghanol y wlad.