Sing a Better Song

Much comment in my absence about the Aneurin Glyndwr video:

Sweet and Tender Hooligan thinks that the site says more about the incestuous, self important blathering of the Welsh blogosphere than it does about Welsh Labour. Maes E corespondents think that it is just a resurrection of the NatWatch blog!

On the whole the Conservatives seem pissed off by the video and Plaid seem to be laughing it off, whilst Labour seems to be torn between supporting the new web way of doing politics and condemning silly insults as counterproductive.

I'm not sure what the fuss is about. The Election Song has a proud history in Welsh politics. In the 1890's the Liberal Party use to have branch male voice choirs to sing songs favouring the local candidate. (Most party branches today would have difficulty raising a duet!)

In the 1960's and 70's the recorded song broadcast on car top loudspeakers was an essential part of every election campaign. Elfyn Llwyd, Elfyn Llwyd 2001 was probably the very last of the type!

Being an old fashioned Old Fart I welcome Aneurin's revival of the political song. It's not amongst the best of it's type, but it is good enough to be the start of a revival of an age old tradition.

Rather than moan about AG's song - the best response by all other parties would be be for them to sing a better song to challenge him!


  1. It's a bit of a daft website, but not an offical website by Welsh Labour. But that said, it is still somewhat foolish. The video is just embarassing.

  2. not an official website geraint? supported by the first minister and the secretary of state and must have been signed off by HQ considering all publication (online and not) that promote candidates during the european election cycle. pretty official to me

  3. Sing another song - why not sing the same one back at them!!

    I saw the flight to the right that Blair took new labour,
    I saw the hypocrite greed as they wined and dined,

    They were my party
    And as they deceived me, I watched as they closed down our mine

    My, my, my, Aneurin
    Why, why, why, Aneurin
    I could see , the party was no more for me
    But here in the Valley, the Tories the devil you see

    On polling day when my doubts cleared away, I was waiting,
    I crossed my vote on the form and I thought of the poor,

    Hain stood there laughing Ho Ho Ho
    I felt the vote in my hand and he laughed no more

    My, my, my, Aneurin
    Why, why, why, Aneurin

    As they failed to service our health,
    And plundered our national wealth
    Forgive me Aneurin I just cant
    vote Labour no more

    My, my, my, Aneurin
    Why, why, why, Aneurin

    So before, they start another just war
    Forgive me Aneurin, I just cant vote Labour no more,
    Forgive me Aneurin, I just cant vote Labour no more

  4. Ah the election song...including the only known English recording of Dafydd Iwan.

    M for Merthyr
    E for Emrys
    R for Roberts, he's your man
    T for Time to change
    H for Heave them out
    Y waste a minute more
    Roberts is your man.