St David's Day Conundrum

Why do Welsh Nonconformist Christians, who don't believe in supplication to the saints, make such a fuss about Saint Davids Day?

Why do Welsh non-believers seem to make even more of a fuss about celebrating Saint David's Day, whilst rejecting Christian sanctity?


  1. It's called nationalism. What else is there to hang your nationalism on?

  2. I seem to remember accidentally sparking a fuss on the same issue a few years back when I asked the BBC to stop referring to the 1st March as St. David's DAy, because that year it fell on the 28th February (the 1st was Ash Wednesday). Turned out the Catholics had it on the 2nd instead, so there were three in a row...

    In answer to your question - well, it's a good excuse to wear a daffodil.

  3. And this year of course, H.B.W., Gwyl Dewi is today (2nd) as it's displaced from 1st March by the first Sunday of Lent.

    "a good excuse to wear a daffodil"

    Daffodil??? Daffodils are for sissies. Real Welshmen wear leeks!!!

  4. I raised this point via a tweet (get me).

    Why do the atheists celebrate St Davids Day?

  5. Bill, if I was going to hang my nationalist hook on just one saint, I think that I might go for St Garmon (July 31) or St Cadfan (November 16). David is a bit of a wimp in comparison!

    Good to note that two readers realised why my "Saint David's Day Comment" was posted on the 2nd, rather than on the 1st!

    Marcus, I am on Twitter, but I don't understand it, why write a sentence when you could write an essay?

  6. Its a chance for a bit of a march, bit of a sing , bit of --------- yeh just a bit of really

  7. If you're truly so committed to unionisn then why don't you at least add the cross of St. David to Union Jack? Maybe it's the attitudes that lead to that oversight help fuel the separatists fires.

  8. Me a committed unionist? I'd prefer to be committed to an Asylum!