Conservative MP Parks Illegally in Disabled Bay

This is a picture of a Conservative MP's car parked illegally in a disabled parking bay!

What do Plaid Cymru bloggers and supporters think about this abuse of a disabled parking space?

Do they think that there were extenuating circumstances that allowed the MP to park there?

Do they think that the person who took the picture is a fat arsed bastard with an axe to grind?

Do they think that those who complained about the abuse of the disabled parking place should worry about more important things?

Or are these pathetic excuses only used when a senior member of Plaid Cymru is caught with his pants down?


  1. You know this is not the point Alwyn.

    The jury is still out on whether Dafydd Iwan broke any rules.

    To me, Rhydian Fôn's repeated and extensive explanation is convincing: this was a bay reserved for a specific car, and since that car wasn't there and the other carpark was closed, DI got permission to use it that particular day. Shimples. Gwilym Euros blows his gasket over nothing. Again.

    But say - for the sake of argument - if DI was indeed in a normal disabled bay at a normal time. Was Gwilym Euros' first thought "Oh no! Old ladies are deprived of Toyota-parking space! The injustice!"? Or was it "Hah, I'm going to get that bastard folk singer for that. Tee hee hee."

    I'm sure you'll agree that it was the latter.

    So by making this an argument about whether it is right to park in a disabled space - under normal circumstances - you are changing the subject matter and enabling GER to get away with using disability as a political tool to get a pathetic little headline.

  2. The jury is not still out on whether Dafydd Iwan broke any rules. By parking in a disabled bay he quite clearly broke the rules, the fact that he parked in a disabled bay reserved for a designated disabled person actually means that he broke the rules twice!

    I don't understand the accusation that a politician has used disability as a political tool argument. Public policy on disability rights issues is decided by politicians. Politicians use political tools - that's their job.

    The most fervent supporter of disability rights in Wales during my lifetime has been Dafydd Wigley. His support for people living with a disability has enhanced his political reputation. He used every dirty trick in the politician's book to push his agenda for change on disability rights issues - including threatening to bring down a government if they didn't give compensation to disabled slate mine workers!

    Does that make Dafydd Wigley a "tee hee hee" politician? Does it mark him out as a person who abuses disability issues for political advancement? Of course it doesn't.

    Gwilym Euros also has a long standing reputation for supporting the rights of people who live with a disability. A reputation lauded when he was a Plaid Cymru councillor, but derided now that he stands against Plaid. That is pathetic!

    I have known, admired and respected DI since before Gwilym was even born, I have no axe to grind with him. On this occasion he was wrong. The best thing that Dafydd can do is be the hero that he usually is, stick his hand up and say sorry. Dragging this matter out by insulting Gwilym for highlighting an important disability rights issue does neither Plaid nor DI's reputation any good.

  3. Sorry but if it's a disabled parking bay with a blue badge sign the rules state anyone with a blue badge can park, even if you have a private parking disabled bay out side your house, if you have a blue badge you can park in it.

    The rules are strict but sadly not upheld I'm a wheelchair user and sadly in eighteen years of parking I've hardly ever get to use my wheelchair at a blue badge parking bay, because everyone who has a broken finger nail now gets a blue badge.