Know your own balls

The news that John Hartson is suffering from complications of testicular cancer is very sad. I wish him well and hope that he beats it.

Here is a video that explains how to check yourself:

Unfortunately some of the most at risk group will not be able to view this video. It is age restricted because it shows real testicles so people between 15 and 21 are not allowed to view it due to US obscenity laws!

Testicular cancer is most prevalent amongst young men aged 15 - 35, so a large section of those who need to know how to check their own balls are denied on line video advice! That is immoral, disgusting and unacceptably obscene!

YouTube should know better.

If you are a boy who is old enough to masturbate, you must know how to check for TC! Ask your Dad, your uncle, big bro, the man next door - anybody (sensible) to enable you to view a TC check video.

If you are too embarrassed to check your own balls for TC, you could really Die from Embarrassment.

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  1. well done Alwyn I have passed on to my spouse and quite a few men friends.The most at risk ages are the younger men, it is so stupid they cannot see this