Don't be crule about Conwy Council

Cllr Jason Weyman is an independent member of Conwy County Borough Council who represents the Deganwy Ward and writes a blog here.

Today he has an interesting post which contains copies of correspondence between himself and the Chief executive of the council regarding the CE's decision to block access to blogs and social networking sites by councillors and council employees. The CE doesn't want the members and staff to read our musings because:

I have been concerned with regard to staff and elected members bringing to my attention (instead of focusing on the job), slights, inaccuracies, innuendo and froth regarding staff and councillors which has been published on blog sites.

So it appears that Conwy Councils highly paid executive doesn't want people to read blogs, FaceBook etc because people say nasty things about the council on them. To be consistent he might also consider getting rid of phones from the council offices to stop people from phoning to complain and suggest that councillors should stuff their fingers in their ears when they meet constituents so that they are unable to hear any moans about the council and its services.

On the other hand the Chief Executive might reflect on the fact that councillors are elected to represent the people and that officers are paid out of our taxes to serve us. If we have complaints they should bloody well listen to them, through whichever medium they are made, rather than trying to block them and dismiss them as "slights, inaccuracies, innuendo and froth" because they don't like what is said.


  1. For consistency, presumably he'll be banning the reading of local newspapers also.

  2. We go to Conwy Council land charges department to pick up data and have to make an appointment.
    They simply have to come to reception with a piece of paper which one would think was not to taxing for the poor lambs but we have to make an appointment to suit them not us. On a particular day they gave us an appointment which we could not possibly attend due to having a similar appointment already at Denbigh Council. They would not under any circumstances leave the piece of paper at reception for us to pick up or change the time of the appointment. Where do these people get their bad manners and obstructive attitudes from? Are they inherited or do they go on council run courses?