Why should nurses pay for bankers mess?

According to multi-millionaire Osborn and equally rich Cameron, we all have to "pull together" to sort out the economic mess caused by the greedy.

Bankers and Hedge Fund owners caused the economic crisis that we are currently going through, but those who have to pay the price are people in public service who will have their pay frozen and their tax credits cut by the Conservatives. The men in red braces and Savil Row suites will be able to carry on regardless!

The public sector is the bête noire of Conservative politicians, the scroungers who are employed as state leaches, people who deserved to be hammered more than most. When they are described as state workers by the Tories they sound like the people who deserve to be hammered in order to preserve the private sector wealth creating parts of society.

The real public sector is made up of nurses, policemen, fire-fighters, soldiers, teachers and lollipop ladies. Should their pay really be frozen in order to make up deficits caused by the bankers and the wankers mistakes in The City?


  1. And they say you're on the right of the national cause!

    You're correct though. The Tories think all public spending is bad, one of the last ideological positions they still hold to. Low taxes and low spending is still the core mantra. That can't achieve the kind of society most people want.

    The public sector did not cause the financial crisis and is not too large. Public spending as a percentage of GDP is lower in the UK than many of the more prosperous European states.

    The private sector (not the small honest businesses part of it, admittedly) caused the financial crisis, fact. Cameron's speech rewrote history claiming that 'big government' caused it!

  2. Capitalism failed. Well, the government panicked and regulated it, which isn't capitalism. The banks should have been allowed to crash.

    Sure, people would have lost money, me included, but it would have sorted society out and put people like David Cameron on the run as some working/middle class people attempt to lynch him and bankers etc.

  3. Thats just silly many small working class workers and business people would have lost billions if the banks were allowed to crash the country would have failed and the whole system crashed. No thanks, Brown did right the problem is of course we are doing it again.

  4. Capitalism did not fail.Capitalism does two things it created winners and looser - it does not do draws,but governents intervine in the markets through tax regimes or whatever to try and spin out booms and depress the effects of bust.This activity always makes things worse.Yes banks and the banksters should have gone bust and we all would have felt the pain but sure as hell we would never have trusted governments and their agencies again- and that is healthy.As for nurses ,police etc the labour market has to operate and but the "national wage" has to go as it distorts local economy .When I was a nipper the Police pay was set by the local constabulary with Watch Committees -worked like a dream.In a Liberated Fedral Wales we will have the oppertunity of getting it right.