No Devolution to Islwyn

There is something quite hilarious in Betsan Powys' story that the arch anti-devolutionist and True Wales stalwart, Cllr Dave Rees is to stand as an independent candidate in the Westminster election because he believes that the Labour candidate for Islwyn has been appointed centrally from London rather than Labour allowing the selection process to be devolved to the local party.


  1. They've got short memories in Islwyn, i don't remember anybody in the local Labour Party complaining about lack of choice or imposed candidates when Neil Kinnock retired and his mate Don Touhig got selected for the seat in a total stitch up.

    And the other thing that is making me smile is that the actions of anti devolutionist Cllr Rees of True Wales and his mates could well end up helping Plaid Cymru win the seat.

  2. You gotta remember this is Harri Webb's "Mummershire". They do things differently there.