A debate about consensus

The latest edition of the political X Factor was slightly better than last week's offering. All three leaders seem to have learned some lessons from the mistakes they made last time.

Last week Clegg came top by being the one that wasn't the other two, David Cameron tried a bit too hard to don that mantel but failed miserably. Mr Cameron also made a bit of a mistake in his summing up at the end. It was obvious that his script had been pre prepared and that he was reading it, so when he read "I don't know about you but I think that sounded desperate", it clearly wasn't a retort to what Gordon Brown had just said, it was something he was going to say if Brown sounded desperate or not.

Oh and Wales got a mention this week, just one as an aside by Gordon Brownand he mentioned the Scottish weather too.

Who won? It is more difficult to decide this week they were all pretty equal, especially as there was a lot of consensus on many issues.
So my Strictly Come Politicking scores are:

Brown 7 out of 10
Clegg 6.5 out of 10
Cameron 6. out of 10

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