Tories want Plaid help to block PR! Uh?

I don't buy the Financial Times, but according to Wales on Line, yesterday:

The Financial Times reported that Mr Cameron’s campaign team was exploring the possibility of a deal with unionist politicians in Northern Ireland and Scottish and Welsh nationalist MPs.
This was an attempt to avoid Liberal Democrats’ demands for electoral reform, the newspaper said.

There is nothing wrong with the Tories approaching smaller parties to see what sort of deals can be done in case they need a bit of extra support in the event of a balanced parliament, of course, but this story doesn't ring true to me.

I don't know where the northern Irish Unionist parties stand on PR but for as long as I can remember both Plaid and the SNP have been strongly in favour of electoral reform, so if Cameron came knocking on their doors asking for their support in order to avoid Liberal Democrats’ demands for electoral reform I would expect that he would find the doors slammed in his face.

This story is clearly a crock of the proverbial, worrying though that people depend on a paper that produces such fanciful reporting in order to inform their financial investment decisions.

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  1. David Mundell in the tv debate in Scotland said the Conservatives would not work with the SNP