The Druid's Shame

Underhand and two faced.

Druid, you have claimed to be non aligned, to be putting Anglesey first; to be criticising Albert and Ieuan because they are the elected reps for Anglesey - and not criticising the Tories and others because they haven't been in charge in Anglesey since dinosaurs were eggs, you now declare that this is a lie.

The truth appears to be that you have been abusing your so called non-alignment in order to build up a following for your own personal and party political ambitions.

I am bitterly disappointed to discover that you are a charlatan and a fraud. Within the last couple of weeks, whilst your nomination for candidate must have been with the party hierarchy, you denied being a Tory. Why?

As you have been ashamed of admitting that you are a Conservative for the past 12 months, and taken offence at being labled as a Conservative by others, why should Anglesey's Conservatives have faith in you; never mind the wider electorate?

When you started your blog you claimed that it was a quest to get honesty and openness into the Islands politics, for which you have had my support. But it appears that you have been neither honest nor open - just a duplicitous snake in the grass. I am very disappointed.


  1. Alwyn - thats your opinion and I respectfully completely disagree with it. I have never claimed to be nonaligned - Total Politics put me in that blog category of their own accord. If I have built up a following it is through my dedication to all matters concerning Anglesey and to the force of my arguments - not because of anything I have supposedly 'hidden'. People can choose to read what I write and can either agree or disagree -- there is no 'fraud'.

    "Within the last couple of weeks, whilst your nomination for candidate must have been with the party hierarchy, you denied being a Tory. Why?"

    Simply not true. Show me where.

    "But it appears that you have been neither honest nor open - just a duplicitous snake in the grass. I am very disappointed."

    Your invective is misplaced - save it for those who have been responsible for more than just writing a blog.

  2. Miserable Old Fart. The names says it all.


  3. The Great Councillini20/11/2010, 07:18

    What a load of rubbish, MOF! It's abundantly clear, even without an explicit declaration, of Druid's political leanings.

    It's also undeniable that, if Druid were to drift off into the sunset today, he has achieved more for freedom of expression and pressurising our woeful Council to change than anything going before him by a wide margin.

    I fear that you are just unwilling to accept change, MOF. But change is what Paul has already brought - whatever his future direction.

  4. Hysterical much?

  5. Just as I've always thought.
    Miserable old Fart say's it all.

  6. Now that the Druid has revealed himself he chooses to moderate the comments on his blog. Here's a comment I made this morning, but never got included. How odd.

    'Congratulations on being selected - as a local candidate you're a good choice, certainly better than Ridge Newman.

    Some interesting things to note about you and your blog though -
    You have consistently claimed to be independent, when you were very obviously nothing of the sort and now we know. Having consistently damned the council for lack of transperancy, this is worrying.
    You have failed to condemn the waste of money spent by Tory Ams on their jolly to Aber, claiming it was an irrelevent point on your blog. Maybe you fancy joining them for their next one.
    You openly backed a Tory candidate in Rhosneigr - a traditional Tory area - and he was thumped. Bad judgement.
    You characterised the Rhosneigr by-election as old politics v new. And by your analysis, old politics won. Very few listened to the Druid. Let's hope you don't make a habit of that one.
    By claiming old v new you painted the guy who won - independent candidate Dew - as old style politics. I know nothing about him, but he surely doesn't deserve to be tarred with the same brush that you've been attacking other councillors with - esp those you hint are corrupt. He was well within his legal and democratic rights to stand as an indie and there was no need at all for him to pander to this blog by sending you his manifesto. All he needed to do was canvass Rhosneigr and share his ideas with them. This he obviously did and won. An apology is surely called for.
    On your blog you and your commentators have been gunning for the council for a long time. You obviously attract some pretty weird followers if the number of times you have to delete comments is anything to go by. More importantly, nothing has changed. No one has left the council.
    Serious allegations have been made on your blog about named council people. Is this going to be your style now you are out in the open?

    While some are happy about what you've been writing about on your blog and have taken the opportunity to vent their bitter spleen, many find it distasteful. In fact, you've probably cheesed off many inlfuential people on the island. Not a good start to a political career. Not on Anglesey certainly.'

  7. Gone with the wind20/11/2010, 17:09

    I would suggest by Naming Ridge Newman in such a derogaTORY manner was enough to block your comments. From the rest of your abusive rant you shouldn't be to surprised.

    You are right in saying that he "attracts some pretty weird followers", well there's one we know of anyway.

  8. I notice animosity at 16:15 fails to mention that concerns are mounting that electoral fraud may have taken place in RHOSNEIGR on Thursday.

  9. So that's the new Tory tactic is it? Saying that the election was stolen! How pathetic - but also a very serious charge. Does Paul Williams support this charge?

    And while I'm on here, why does the Druid not allow critical comments on his blog any longer?

  10. Rhosneigr resident20/11/2010, 20:42

    So that's the new Tory tactics is it?

    Nothing to do with the Tories. I live in Rhosneigr, there is concern that there MAY have being electoral fraud and I'm a member of the Labour Party if you don't mind.

  11. The size of the majority at Rhosneigr is not indicative of fraud. Such big winning votes are quite common in council by-elections. On the same night the victor in Eglwysbach got 73%, a couple of weeks ago the victor in Cennarth got 82% - the Rhosneigr win with 84% is not exceptional, to suggest that it is reeks of sour grapes.

  12. Look at past voting patterns?

  13. It seems that the Druid is typical of many Welsh Tories - the ones who stand for election as 'Independents' rather than admit what they really represent for.

    He has spent the last year or so denying any links with the tory party, and has even attacked at least two commentators who suggested that he was not as impartial as he claimed.

    After that how can any one trust anything he says about anything else?

    The man is a total disgrace.

  14. Please will the Labour person forgive me for suggesting he/she may be a Tory. A great slur now that they've abandoned New labour and tacked to the wilderness - sorry - left again.

    But Paul Williams does need to disassociate himself from the suggestion that there was fraud in that election and needs to apologise for linking Dew (winner of election) with 'old politics' of Anglesey council - an obvious reference to alleged corruption on council.

    Sorry to put this comment here, MOF, but Paul Williams no longer allows any critical comments of him on his blog. Sad but true. All that talk of openness, honesty, and transparency gone to the dogs since he became an 'official' Tory.

  15. I have read this and the druid blog for some time and Alwyn I think you have managed to make yourself sound like a petulant teenager.

    To put a bit of historical reality back as I remember during the election he was more often accused on being a peter rogers supporter.

  16. It's amazing how many people there are who are not happy unless their trying to piss on someone's chips. Usually those without anything to offer other than venom.

  17. Piss and chips, favourite Anglesey supper!

  18. Piss, chips and fags, favourite Rhosneigr breakfast!

  19. Must be a Tory dictat. No critical comments allowed. A tactic also deployed by one Guto Bebb if I recall. Only sugary comments from ardent supporters are posted so much for public debate and openness. How many critical comment has he omitted.

  20. It's hardly a surprise that the Tory of Anglesey has finally come out of his closet, Alwyn. It was becoming silly of him to keep trying to cast doubt over it.

    But it is a surprise to me that he has been selected as the Tory party candidate. I had him down as a teenager who'd just read Ayn Rand for the first time. Some of the things he's said have been amazingly immature and just plain ... well, juvenile.

    So I'm very pleased he's the Tory candidate. Ynys Môn is a no hope seat for the Tories anyway, but their selection has just lengthened those odds.

  21. ...Unlike all the juvenile name calling on this site then!

  22. Oh dear! 21 Comments, but only two from identifiable sources. With Open ID enabled this shouldn't happen - people with blogger, Google, Yahoo, TypePad, Facebook, PayPal and many other accounts should be able to give unique signatures to their comments, but have chosen not to.

    I wonder why?

    Are they ashamed of supporting the Druid or frightened of opposing the Druid?

    Or are they just sock puppets?

  23. Count your blessings. Although 'Anonymous' postings obviously make great cover for the trolls to play silly buggers and make an even greater hoo-haw about nothing, you do have some commenters. It's not a contest - but if you want to see what doing something besides venting one's spleen gets you....it's not much.
    Dear God - you didn't know people cared.

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