Anybody fancy joining my NO campaign?

An issue that has been raised on my own Welsh Language Blog, Vaughan Roderick's Welsh language Blog and BlogGolwg, the blog of the best selling Welsh language magazine, but has not been raised in English is an oddity in the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act, 2000.

The act enables the Electoral Commission to recognise official campaigns for and against a referendum question. The recognised campaigns get financial support, they gets broadcast time similar to Party Political Broadcasts, they get free access to public buildings for public meetings, they get a leaflet delivered through the post similar to the election communication that election candidates have. But under the act these benefits of being an official campaign can only be accessed if there are registered campaigns on both sides of the question.

Under the Act If there is no official NO campaign launched then there can't be an official YES campaign either.

It appears that True Wales intends to jib out of registering as an official NO campaign in order to ensure that there can't be an official YES campaign either.

A clever trick if it works out!

Anybody fancy joining my official Vote No – it's not good enough campaign? – we won't actually have to do anything to scupper the vote –just spend £70K on drinks parties whilst we think about the issue, and maybe go on telly to say it's nowhere near another step on the slippery slope to independence –unfortunately!

If there isn't an official No campaign registered by February 2nd the law says that there won't be an official Yes campaign either!

This might sound facetious and a bit daft, but I am willing to threaten True Wales that if they haven't registered as the official NO campaign by January 23rd, I will register a No! Not good enough campaign with the Electoral Commission on January 24th.

I WILL call their bluff!

I would like some support for calling that bluff - please!


  1. TW are fast becoming the Yes campaign in any case - every time Len or Nigel appear on TV they discredit their own cause - so we must ensure they get the publicity they crave.

    But if they dont have the balls - I will support your new No campaign.


  2. Always best to have the nuts out where you can see them.

    Call their bluff, otherwise I'll come and help you spend the £70k.

  3. I'm willing to help spend the 70K!

    But I think True Wales WILL attempt to be the official NO campaign. The 70K on offer is surely the only reason most of the campaigners have signed up!

  4. "Under the Act If there is no official NO campaign launched then there can't be an official YES campaign either."

    Indeed, there may well not be an *official* yes campaign, but so what? Yes for Wales is a fait accompli as far as its existence as a mass organisation is concerned.

    Its legal status - official or otherwise - is quite irrelevant where all the evidence shows that its supporter base, its extent of organisation and national reach, dwarf that of its opponent.

  5. Yes but lack of free mail out to every household/ person on electoral roll in Wales via Royal Mail, and loss of PPB would hit the yes campaign hard. I think it would also miss its 70k quite a bit. So on this one im with you Alwyn, there needs to be a no campaign.

    You know 'accidently' forget to send a PPB to broadcasters, say we dont want an electoral leaflet. Quaff champagne on tax payers money in true True Wales style.

    If your serious and I certainley am, just say here and i'll send my details.

  6. I'm in. Would love to come to some 70k drinks parties as well. True Wales are a collection of English and traitors anyway - and I have no doubt that they will claim their dirty pay.

  7. An excelllent idea. I'm in and mine's a pint of SA

  8. I've filled the forms and put them in the post!

    I'm not sure which will be worse – winning the bid to be lead the no campaign, or loosing and my kids and grandkids reading the application form in 30 years time!

  9. Or worse still my kids realising that Dad can't spell losing!!!!

  10. Well done for spotting this and actually getting of your arse to do something about it. I look forward to seeing press coverage of your campaign!