I'm not a Graduate - but I benefit from an University Education

I had some legal difficulties to deal with earlier this year, so I contacted my solicitors Guthrie, Jones and Jones. Mr Guthrie Mr Jones and Mr Jones are all graduates.

I have had a chest infection over Christmas. Dr Jayaram has prescribed an antibiotic, which has made me better.

Gareth Hughes (a graduate Accountant) and co has helped me with my accounts.

My children will go to school next week and be educated by a host of teachers educated in the humanities and the sciences to degree level.

Having dealt with my legal, medicinal, financial and parental problems I was relieved to go home and relax in front of the telly and watch Bethan Gwasnas BA in a most entertaining telly programme.

I don't have a university degree, but I clearly benefit from university education!

Shouldn't I pay my share for that education?

Guthrie, Jones, Jones, Jayram, Hughes the teachers and Gwanas are all paid more than I am, but because they are paid more than me they already pay more tax than me - it is called income tax!

Despite not having a degree, - me and mine benefit from university education. I find the idea that we shouldn't pay our part for that benefit, by passing our debt in to student loans, quite obnoxious!

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  1. A question that should be asked is whether you benefit from the 10 a penny English, media or sport science graduates who probably work behind the tills in Tesco?

    How university education is funded shouldn't be the question, rather which subjects deserve to be funded. I would say that society would benefit more from an additional chemistry graduates more than English.