Rhydian Signs for Plaid???

Less than half way there somehow, somewhere, unfortunately.

But Someway? Someday?

Hold my hand rather than the Socialist Entrists hand and I may well take you there!


  1. Was Rhydian told before he signed for Plaid that they don't support the European Convention of Human Rights?

  2. Neither do Ynys Mon's Labour Party Group lead by Cllr John Chorlton.

  3. Anon 12:26
    Yes! He wouldn't have agreed to sing the song had it not been so.

    Anon 12:33
    John and Rhyds are doing a duet about it for the next Christmas album!

    Anon who is yet to post
    I don't know what the boy's politics are, I just liked the idea that there's a place for us was a song about Welsh Gnats when I was pissed the other night!!

  4. Think i'll stick with the socialists.

  5. Don't Ramblings bach, you don't know what sort of unsightly diseases you might catch from us common types.

  6. Hanging out with Gwyn Alf Williams or um, the faintly odd Rhydian Roberts from X Factor...

    I'll have another spoonful of Marxism please!

  7. Come off your high horse Ramblings. I have already noted that the post wasn't to be taken seriously and I don't know what Rhydian's political leanings are. However he has taken the trouble to learn Welsh and he always seems happy to brake his international schedules to do Welsh concerts and to support welsh causes and from what I have seen of him he seems to be quite a down to earth lad.

    "Faintly odd" would also be a good description of Gwyn Alf. Indeed between the oddities, the eccentricity, the mop of unusual white hair and their passion for Wales Rhydian and Alf seem to have a lot in common!

  8. Chill out Alwyn, i'm clearly having a laugh as well.