No Ifs No Buts No Police Service Cuts!

I wonder if any of those Policemen who seemed so eager to baton the heads of sixteen year old children on the streets of London yesterday, with a certain amount of glee, realise that their jobs are also on the line under the ConDem cuts agenda!

That kid you bludgeoned might be protesting for your job too!

Proud are you?


  1. The police have become a sinister institution, allowed to shoot dead John Charles de Menezes out of suspicion, push you to the ground and kill you like that poor Tomlinson man, cancel the AA from recovering you and then demanding you pay for their survice, 'kettle' you completely denying your human rights, take your DNA whether your guilty or not, and generally be totally untrustworthy, without anything happening to them.

    They wont be getting my help if they need it.

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  3. http://angleseylaudanum.blogspot.com/2010/12/anglesey-tory-party-at-war.html

  4. The political use of the police to stifle popular dissent with violence has a long pedigree. It is practically the job description of the Territorial Support Group, Forward Intelligence Team, Public Order Team and much of the whole force.

    What is more disturbing is the way in which the BBC and much of the rest of the media falls behind the police line so quickly.

    Aside from questions over operational effectiveness the majority of coverage is largely uncritically of the role of the police and attacks the legitimacy of the whole of concept of protest. Whilst diverting attention from the important issues.

    The whole line of argument by Ben Brown shows unacceptably low levels of journalistic integrity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXNJ3MZ-AUo