They think it's the Streisand Effect, I can't Imogen why!

I am not breaking any injunction by reporting the fact that the most boring joke on Twitter, repeated ad infinitum over the past 48 hours (at least 196,000 times according to Google), is Ryan Giggs is suing Twitter I Can't Imogen why!

This is supposed to be an example of the Streisand Effect according to Wikepedia.
The Streisand effect is a primarily online phenomenon in which an attempt to hide or remove a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely.
The Footballer who has taken Twitter to court, is refuting rather than accepting the Streisand Effect.

I had heard the name mentioned three weeks ago, chatting in the pub a few days ago everybody used the footballer's name – everybody knew who he was!

By naming Twitter in Yesterday's injunction the footballer was not causing a Streisand Effect, because that effect was already old news.

The thousands of I am Spartacus tweet drive to try and invalidate the footballer's attempts to find out who initially named and shamed him are futile!

The first tweet that named the footballer is the only evidence that we Spartacus types have for repeating the footballer's name. If the first tweeter was wrong – all 196 thousand of us are also wrong, and we have been made mugs of!

If that first Tweet that alerted us to the footballer's identity is correct, then it came from a very small privileged circle of people. Even the judge, before the story broke, didn't know the identity of the plaintiff.

So who was the individual who leaked the footballer's identity, and broke the injunction and Tweeter's T&C's by so doing?

Somebody who took the internet community for fools!

An MSM Journo who is on his / her way to gaol, I suspect!

I hope that s/he is caught and severely punished!


  1. If the alleged person had allowed it to pass, then it would have died a death and people would have moved on, but sadly the silly boy has reinvented the same thing all over again and kept his name at the top of the media, I suspect he may well see a way of getting extra millions to help during his retirement, or not.

  2. Maybe the more important point here is that Ryan Giggs can afford to take out a superinjunction, whilst Imogen Thomas cannot, making such laws available only for the rich.

    Not really a system of fair justice.

  3. So it's not Malcolm Allen then?

  4. Who is the biggest Welsh couple?
    Gavin & Charlotte, Mike Philipps & Duffy, or Ryan & Imogen.

  5. I agree with Robert.

    The footballer's advisers can't be total fools -there must be a reason for their heroic efforts to get and keep this rather uninteresting story on to the front page.