Where did Plaid hold its Open Husting Event?

I find it odd that Plaid Cymru; a party which claims to be the most down to earth, most working class, most socialist party in Wales and the party who's pulse beats closest to the beat of the heart of the Welsh nation should choose to hold its open hustings meeting in the most exclusive hotel in the country!

If the battle is to be won in hostelries, won't it be won in spit and sawdust pubs rather than in stared hotels?


  1. True, but Plaid is governed by a middle class group, can't see them in a working class pub/club.

  2. But the internal hustings were in some pretty normal places. I went to Pontypridd rugby club. It's a bit dishonest to say it's been exclusive. They hold plenty of events in working class pubs.

  3. I am not Plaid supporter, but in all fairness, every centre-left socialist party tend to do this, although it is hyprocratical that Plaid criticised Welsh Labour in the past for doing something simular.

  4. There is nothing dishonest about stating the fact that Plaid's open hustings event was held in Wales' most exclusive hotel – it was. FACT!

    Wherever other events were held, the open husting was held in a place too posh for most Plaid supporters; that cannot be denied!

    A silly move for a left wing nationalist party!

    Whatever next?

    Perhaps a so called left of centre national party lead by a member of the House of Lords!

    Sounds ridiculous but seems almost inevitable!