How loyal are loyalists?

Like, I suspect, 99% of others who live on the largest of the British Islands, I don't understand the politics of Northern Ireland.

I can sort of understand the nationalist position. They want Ireland to be independent in the same way as the English Democrats, Mebyon Kernow, Plaid Cymru and the SNP want their parts of these islands to be independent or less dependent on each other.

There are those who propose and oppose nationalism in England, Scotland Cornwall and Wales but we tend to accept each other's views as legitimate ones to hold even in our most vehement of arguments. The vast majority of people in mainland Britain probably couldn't give a toss about the Independence / Union argument.

I don't know if my local county hall flies the Union Flag permanently, or if it flies it only on flag days or if it doesn't fly it at all, whatever it isn't a big deal to me and it won't be a big deal to most of us who live on the larger island. Even if it was a big deal we might send letters to the editor of the local rag, complain to our MP, we may even raise a petition. We wouldn't riot!

If anybody started a riot in Llandudno because the Union Flag was absent from the Town Hall the local Lore and Order Tory Brits would be the first to condemn the rioters and would insist that they were dealt with by the utmost severity of the law.

That is basically why I don't understand the politics of the north of Ireland, the loyalists don't seem very loyal to what the local Brits tell me are British values. And the local Brits tend to see the likes of Ian Paisley and his loyalist ilk as "Irish Scum" rather than a True Brits.

How can you be "loyalist" to Britain if the rest of Britain abhors and rejects your interpretation of loyalty?


  1. Alwyn - the Protestants can see they are becoming a minority in NI. Unlike the Welsh speakers who've also become a minority they are ready to riot to make fight for their identity.

    The Ulster protestants get loads of coverage and yes, of course, every one tut-tuts and think they're backward but the point is made. No Brit PM is going to give NI to Ireland easily; no politician in the RoI is going to want 1 million Protestants in the Republic and if there is a settlement the Protestants will be respected.

    Now compare that with Welsh speakers. No riots. Totally ignored or if not ingnored ridiculed and taken for granted ... oh, and we still get called bigots.

    Don't laugh at the Prods - they understand politics better than we do.

    Meanwhile, Welsh continues to become a mere add-on to any Welsh culture which remains. We don't create a fuss and we're still treated as if we were Nazis by the Labour party and British establishment. No one's respecting us are they?

  2. I agree with everything you say, anon, and what you say strengthens my point – the Loyalists in the north of Ireland are so forceful in their opinion that they appear more uniquely "nationalist" than ED, PC, MK and SNP can ever get away with being!

  3. Alwyn
    The British government secretly controls the mood of protestant/unionists actions in N Ireland. It’s in the Brits interest to be covertly involved. The history of Irish atrocities is littered with Brit government involvement.

  4. I think the N. Irish need to cool it, it is beyond ridiculous when 10yr olds join in to maim people over a rag on a pole. Just thugs or budding thugs, not nationalists or anything else, let's face it. The other side are still rabbiting on about 300 years ago, for goodness sake MOVE ON They are set on self-destruction, it is a shame for those still with common sense.... unhappy country.

  5. Loyalist, loyalists, loyal?? To whom and to what? They want to stay British, and they see their identity as British, but British people don't behave like this. Can you imagine people in towns and cities in the UK rioting just because the town hall has decided not to fly the flag every day? It would be ridiculous. So why do these mobs in Belfast think that what they are doing is loyal? They are so backward, and so reactionary. Having said that, I coudln't give a toss whether the flag is flown daily or monthly or annually. So why not let the plebs have their way? It doesn't matter either way and even though it looks like giving in, who cares? Let them think they've won -- it's a trifling matter to most sensible intelligent thinking people - but it's huge for the mob.

  6. Symbols. People have died for them.