Will Brussels be kicked out of the EU?

It is interesting that when Cameron, Rajoy and Barroso make comments about the difficulty that newly independent nations might have in remaining in the EU they only concentrate on secessionist movements in Spain and the UK, they forget about the third EU member state that has secessionist issues and is, possibly, more likely to split than the UK or Spain – Belgium!

If a newly independent Catalonia and a newly independent Scotland might find continuing membership of the EU difficult, if not impossible, then the same MUST be true of a newly independent Flanders and a newly independent Wallonia! And therein lies a rather interesting problem, in that the EU could find itself in a position where its parliament and headquarters are in a country which would find it difficult, if not impossible, to remain in the EU.

Any scenario that envisages Brussels being kicked out of the EU is based on abject stupidity, of course. It would never happen, it could never happen; but remember the basis of the scenario is the exact same stupid argument as Cameron, Rajoy and Barroso are making about Scotland and Catalonia's continued membership of the EU!


  1. Indeed and with neither Flanders or Walloonia probably able to claim to be the Successor State. Both according to "Project Fear" will have to reapply.

    Would the remainder of the UK actually be able claim its the successor state? Or since the Act of Union will be seen as dissolved the UK will no longer exist and both New States Scotland an whatever RUK will be called will be in the same position.

    Welcome back by the way

  2. To see Belgium split along linguistic lines would be a fantastic development. And one which many, indeed the majority, living here in Wales would also want to see happen.

    Bring it on. Linguistic and cultural democracy at last!

    1. It could also lead to direct discrimination against the welsh speaker, and,any other minority like migrants here etc. The issue is the rabid right wing who spend no end of time attacking wales, welsh, the assembly and anything that isn't English, are rampant, sadly our population is one of envy and misery mostly, who would take any opportunity to allay 'blame' on others, even the languages they use or prefer. If it can be done in a respectful and equal rights way, I'm all for it. If we read medias in Wales those ways don't exist, there are numerous hate campaigns running, and most emanate in the Southern parts of Wales. As for europe..... its a fascist state run by grey faces, unless wales was in on own terms, I'd be happier pull the plug on them.