Saint David's Day Conundrum

Atheists don't believe in the adoration of Saints.

Secularists don't believe in the adoration of Saints.

Protestants don't believe in the adoration of Saints.

Non-conformists don't believe in the adoration of Saints.

Anglicans actively opposed the adoration of Saints, with vigour, at one time, but seem to have gone soft on the issue!

Despite this the Cult of Saint David, is on the increase in modern Wales with more and more St David's parades in 2014 than ever before – BUT WHY?

As a nationalist, I will re-tweet calls for Gwyl Ddewi to be a bank holiday, I will make St David's Day felicitations to my followers, because that's what Nats do. But having done so, I will still wonder why we make such a fuss about Saint David,  when so few of us, actually, believe in the adoration of Saints!


  1. You don't have to believe in the adoration of Saints to think he's adorable.

    A bit off-topic, a year ago I took my son (who lives in England) to a gymanfa as part of his edification and at the end this guy in a dog-collar stands up and we all though he was going to say a few words, a short prayer maybe, before we all went across to the pub to carry on with the singing. But no, after a brief reference to Saint David he launches into a long and impassioned attack on the teachings of Pelagius. My son was like, "is it always like this?".

  2. Saint David is utilised to make welsh people aware of Wales, not a cult of any kind, I suppose you will be supporting the Westminster 2nd reading to make the August Bank Holiday 'Margaret Thatcher Day' too...... It's bugger all to do with religion as we know, but its a recognition of wales, a day of fun and dressing up for the welsh and their children, why knock it ? It's more relevant to us than a German Frau in London.... and I don't just mean Angela Merkel who says NON ! more times than big nose ever did...

  3. The adoration of Saint David is, without doubt, a cult.

    Saying that Saint David "is bugger all to do with religion" is an insult to Saint David!

    David was the bloke who converted our nation to Christianity. You can honour him for that, if you wish, or choose not to; but you can't have him as a secular symbol of Wales, without recognising that he is a "hero" because of his contribution to Welsh Christianity!

    How you equate my nonchalance about St David to support for Margaret Thatcher is beyond my understanding!

  4. http://byddarcymru.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/welsh-patients-in-exodus-to-england.html I'd welcome your comments to this !

  5. da iawn rhech ddiflas -= chi wastad yn sgwennu rhwybeth gwerth chweil sy'n herio lot i gnoi cil dros bethau!