Election Launch Site?

Whatever you think about the party, its policies or it's personalities, hardly anyone can disagree that the SNP is the winner of the battle to make a manifesto launch in the most stunning location.

The Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, has had millions of pounds worth of free publicity by the world's media gathering there to report on what's included in the SNP Manifesto. That makes me wonder why the Welsh parties didn't have a similar vision?

Think of the impact that Leanne could have had by publishing her policies at 100 MPH in Zip World, imagine Carwyn bouncing Labour policies in Bounce Below, or Andrew RT publishing his policies in the fitting setting of the Dinosaurs of Tan yr Ogof, or Nick Clegg launching his party's manifesto in an iconic Welsh venue that might be big enough to hold next year's LibDem conference:


  1. I am in agreement for once with the sentiments expressed in the above post ! Great mind sometimes think alike on the most important issues in life !

  2. I presume the Lib Dem conference will be held upstairs, as the caterers will need the room downstairs.

  3. The SNP’s manifesto launch was slick, Nicola Sturgeon is on top of her game and the party’s riding a wave of good will and success in Scotland and good luck to them. They’re terrifying the UK establishment and it’s heartening to watch despite Wales slipping further and further behind, but you know as well as I do that If Plaid Cymru did something similar they’d be hammered by the media in Wales for being too ambitious and too welsh.