Nevada or Nan Conwy, BBC?

I'm sure that few will be shocked at the revelation that I am not a great fan of the Labour Party, but having said that the Welsh branch of the Labour Party held its pre Assembly Election Conference in Llandudno this weekend. If Labour win the next Assembly Election (of course I hope they don't, but IF) a lot of aspects of my life will be influenced by Welsh Labour.

I am forced to buy a BBC TV licence in order to view BBC broadcast news, so I know what's occurring, I don't think I got my money's worth this weekend as a Welsh viewer. 100% of the sparse coverage of the Welsh Labour Conference was about the EU referendum 0% was about the Welsh General Election.

I saw more coverage of the US Democrat / Republican elections on the BBC than I saw of coverage of the National Assembly Elections; I saw more coverage of the US Caucuses than I saw of the Welsh Labour Conference.

The BBC has a legal remit to Educate and Inform; it is failing in that duty when it ignores Wales in favour of a foreign election!

I know what Trump, Clinton, Saunders, Cruze etc had to say in Nevada, but I don't know what Carwyn said in Llandudno – that isn't Welsh News that isn't coverage of Welsh Democracy it is an unequivical fail by the BBC to respect Welsh politics!


  1. Not having a go, but if we Welsh want welsh news then were going to have to produce it ourselves and find ways of funding and distributing it to everyone in Wales, it can be beyond the wit and wisdom of us to find solutions to this age old problem, can it?

    I’m also bored to tears of the EU referendum campaign and it’s only been 48 hours since Cameron got his ‘deal’. Much of that is down to the full strength propaganda of the BBC on the issue and the full licence it now has to ignore the Welsh and Scottish elections.

  2. I agree, we pay for a news service and don't get one, we pay for local coverage and get idiots from London or the USA shown instead. I can read 'national/English news' any time I want elsewhere. From what I do see, its 6 items a day repeated till our eyes bleed, which SKY et al repeat as well... bored already ! Cameron didn't GET a deal (First I have heard of it).... what I did read was France and Turkey blackmailing the UK for money or threatening to unleash 1,000s of illegals on us if we Brexit.