Nationalist Internet Incest

One of the fallacies of the internet is that social media is able to beat main stream media at its own game. The Western Mail, the Daily Post, the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror etc can publish shit, but we have this free on-line  media that can counteract their lies, but this is a very partial truth.

The fact is that Social Media gives us a rose tinted glass that we see our own world through. I follow people I agree with on Twitter I friend people I agree with on Facebook. I block and unfriend people, and create my own little bubble of social media followers who agree 100% with me!

The racists have also created their own little internet spaces that convince them that they are the voice of the people.

My social media profile tells me that there are lots and lots of people that agree with me that the best answer to Brexit is Welsh Independence, they are correct. But to make that point on Social media we have to un block and re friend our opponents in order to persuade them to support our cause, because nationalist internet incest isn't going to move the cause forward at all!

We have to confront the trolls, not ignore them, we have to make the case for independence to those who currently oppose it, not just revel in those who support it! 


  1. Why is the EU so important for your circle? I truly don't understand. I've supported Welsh independence all my life but the EU? Seriously I despise it for its neoliberalism, it's warmongering in countries around it's periphery and it's anti-democracy.

    Yes the UK is just as bad, except you can get rid of the government. Yet for many in your circle the EU is more important than Wales, I just don't get it, is it just a delusion on your part?

  2. I’d almost go so far as to say social media is part of the problem with the Welsh independence movement (or lack of it), nobody I know has ever changed their minds on a subject after a Facebook or Twitter exchange. The only way to achieve independence after the body blow of the EU referendum is to get out in the real world, talk to family, friends, work colleague and others, campaign for change and win them over to our way of thinking.

    And i’m all for persuading others, but there’s no point debating with hardcore anti welsh trolls who despise anything Welsh and mock our language, that simply distracts from the herculean job in hand.

    Deep down I fear Wales is already lost, but I’m trying to stay positive for my kids as much as anything else and looking for some hope and constructive ways forward in the weeks and months ahead.

  3. @ anon 08:48. The EU isn't perfect but it is the only multi national organisation with a directly elected parliament, so it's less undemocratic than any other international body.

    Also what war mongering on its periphery? The EU doesn't have an army and is hardly responsible for what's happening in Ukraine (whatever Russia Today might claim) or the middle east, neither did it cause the wars in the former Yugoslavia.

    1. The EU IS considering an own armed forces set up, indeed the ex minister for the UK armed forces raised the issue here,that talks had taken place of the UK's armed forces coming under the control of the EU along with others. Given the uncertainty and incompetency of UN-elected Eu representatives and talks with Turkey re entry, the UK (And wales which voted Brexit), is well out of it, and especially since Turkey is now agreeing to offer all refugees from war zones Turkish passports, which would enable IS direct access to our country. Welsh Independence is a losing argument at this time, we don't have the support Scotland does,or, the will it seems. As regards to trolling, it's important we don't associate alternative viewpoints with that, or we lose balance.

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  5. Rejoining the EU is the only factor which significantly increases support for Welsh independence.

    It's not "delusion". Some people prefer the EU to Westminster. Warmongering on the EU's periphery, real or not, pales into comparison to the lengthy conflicts the UK has been involved in. For all of the EU's alleged "anti-democracy", as an EU member-state Wales would have more power than it does as part of the UK.

    But with that point made, that support for Welsh independence and EU membership only goes up if Scotland leaves first. So rather than posting online, we should perhaps be campaigning for Scottish independence in the EU!