Congratulations ARTD!

Andrew RT Davies has a new job, he has my hearty congratulations, but I'm not sure that he has the support of the voters of Wales! Last time I looked, Carwyn Jones was, unfortunately, the Leader of the Welsh Assembly!

I'm sure that RT FaRTy, would make a brilliant Assembly Leader, if elected! But before being described as Leader of the Welsh Assembly – shouldn't he overcome the teeny, weeny, bitty hurdle of being elected to the post?

Hat Tip to Toque – and I agree with his sentiment that the Tories, of all parties, appear to have neglected to include a representative of one (rather big) part of the UK in their An United Kingdom debate!


  1. I am sure given his hard right leanings (certainly in a Senedd context) he will try to drag the Tory party in Wales in that direction. I believe that will put huge strains on the more centre right elements within his party and will do nothing for Tory unity.

    Might end up with a split and a more Welsh Tory party by default.

  2. He was very unapologetic on Jasons phone in on Radio Wales (Tuesday I believe) when telling all who his boss was and where his loyalties lie.

    Wales needs all it's Welsh AMs to fight for Wales and they can leave the unionist pro-English garbage to the MPs.